About Us

As founder and CEO of MarketWare International for over 28 years, I provided marketing and business consulting services to the ICT and e-business sectors.

Prior to that I worked for market leaders in the ICT sector in various Pan-European roles.

MarketWare provided services locally in Ireland and internationally to indigenous companies, multinational corporations, VCs, and governmental and non-governmental industry development and support agencies.

In more recent years in my current role, there has been an increased emphasis on working in more individual one-to-one roles, particularly with owners/directors of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups and relevant industry support agencies, both public and private.

As well as providing services in the more developed markets, I have advised the software industry in locations as diverse as Bangladesh, Egypt and Columbia working through the World Bank, the EU or other agencies.

I provide in-depth and practical strategic and tactical business planning and marketing services addressing every aspect of business-to-business marketing of technology based-products and services, I understand the technological possibilities and commercial realities of this market sector.

I bring a very practical and pragmatic business approach to each assignment and the ability to quickly get to the core issues that impact on the success of my clients.

I also bring a strong revenue bottom line business focus, technology awareness and online and offline marketing hands-on expertise to all engagements. As the owner of a successful ecommerce business The Business Tools Store my hands-on experience in establishing and growing this business can be particularly useful to clients in this sector.

I am an active member of a number of Local Enterprise mentoring panels in the Dublin area http://www.localenterprise.ie/. I am also a member of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development http://www.ebrd.com/ panel of international consultants/industry advisors and regularly provide services to their clients.

When you hire me to work on your next project, you will get the benefit of all that experience, as I work hands-on on your project and don’t delegate the task to some less experienced more junior person to do the work on my behalf.

The approach is flexible to suit your needs, be it mentoring, acting as an advisor or a consulting engagement with specific terms of reference.  The engagement can either be a short term quick-win project or an ongoing retainer type, whichever best suits your particular circumstances.

If you think that I may be able to add value to your business, get in contact and we can tailor an approach that best meets your needs and budget.