Business Tools Store


While working with clients over many years we have developed tools and templates to address particular issues whether it be to produce an Excel sales pipeline/funnel management system, Pareto Analysis chart or a professional services billing time sheet.

We have now made these tools and templates available in The Business Tools Store.

Our guiding principle is to develop tools that are comprehensive enough to address the “real” problem but intuitive enough to use without any training.

All our tools come with comprehensive user guides.

Our objective is to allow you to focus on solving the business issue, rather than spending time developing a tool from scratch.

Even the simplest Excel model or itemized checklist can take several hours of valuable senior executive time to develop; time that can be more usefully spent addressing the actual business issue rather than developing a suitable tool or a template!

All our tools use only standard features of the relevant products, e.g. Ms-Excel, and can be customized and extended without reverting back to us.

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