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Strategic Planning Workbook

Our Strategic Planning Workbook takes you through an environmental and company analysis using PEST and SWOT techniques.

It is a step-by-step cookbook that takes you through the strategic planning process from PEST and SWOT analysis to strategy selection and implementation action plans with clearly defined key performance metrics, specific timelines and executive responsibility. A PDF version is available at Strategic Planning Workbook.

A fully editable version is available at the Business Tools Store.

Integrated Marketing Framework

Our Integrated Business-to-Business Marketing Framework  combines traditional offline and newer online marketing techniques into a powerful integrated marketing model.

The framework is particularly appropriate for those organisations that do not have the scale or the resources to implement a full marketing automation system or can be used to implement a marketing process/system as a precursor to the implementation of a full marketing automation system to automate the process. Download the white paper at Integrated Business-to-Business Marketing Framework . If you have any comments or questions Contact Us.    

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