The services portfolio includes:

  • Mentoring
  • Advisor
  • Consultant


Having started and run my own business for over 28 years, mentoring is a natural service to offer.  The mentoring service is totally customisable to the needs of the client.

Typical situations where I have provided mentoring in the recent past include:

  • Young start-up highly innovative individuals or teams who need help and guidance to launch or scale-up their new enterprise, i.e. some grey hair input.  This may take the form of an independent experienced mentor who can help them to establish a clear market focus and clarity around their real competitive advantage, pitching for investment, and day-to-day practical advice on the many challenges that start-ups face as they roll out their first year of operations.
  • Organisations who perhaps have a very talented young marketing executive who is making a significant contribution but is not ready to take on a vacant Marketing Manager role.  An alternative to an external hire for the role is to promote the internal marketing executive and support him with an experienced mentor to help him to grow into the role and continue to make a significant contribution.

Mentoring assignments work best

  • When the mentor and mentee meet on a regular basis, usually every four to six weeks, to provide momentum to the process
  • Where sessions are not long drawn affairs but long enough to have meaningful engagement on at least one topic/issue.
  • Where a good relationship and trust is quickly established
  • Where the mentor challenges and stimulates the mentee to grow and meet new heights
  • Where the mentor encourages the mentee to ask him/herself the “hard” questions, accept constructive critical observations and be open and honest about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Where the mentor, having “been there and done that”, can provide the expertise, practical advice and guidance to meet challenges and overcome obstacles
  • Where practical and realistic objectives are set at the start of the process and are reviewed and perhaps adjusted at each mentoring session.


I am available to act as an advisor in a variety of situations where my experience and skills can provide genuine added value.

Typical situations where I have acted as an advisor in the recent past include:

An advisor/trusted advisor to a founder and CEO of a high growth innovative software enterprise.

  • I believe founders should as soon as financially feasible surround themselves with a strong management team with complementary skills.  However, there are issues that arise that as the CEO and majority shareholder they cannot discuss with their colleagues or indeed situations where there is an element of “group think” and the CEO needs an external trusted independent resource that understands the dynamics of their sector, has common sense business acumen and a practical and pragmatic approach to problem solving/opportunity identification.
  • Such situations can be on a one-off, as required or an ongoing basis depending on the circumstances.

Advisor to a work group or implementation team.

  • In many organisations where a growth strategy is being adopted involves in a work group being established to define and drive the strategy.  Diversification, such as addressing a new market or a new sales/distribution channel, such as selling online, may require a skillset that the team does not have.  In such cases an external advisor can play an important role in advising on the overall approach and validating the implementation plan.
  • An external independent voice can also be important in such circumstances to avoid group think.

Check out testimonials from a sample of previous clients.


For over 30 years I have provided consulting services to organisations of all sizes and types in the area of business planning and business-to-business marketing for technology based products and services, particularly in the ICT and ebusiness sectors.  Assignments have related to both strategic and tactical issues.

My approach to consulting engagements is to evaluate what is required and to assess my potential contribution.  I only take on assignments where I feel I can make a real contribution and add value to the client’s business.

Contact me to discuss the business issue or consulting requirement.  Once we agree a brief I will provide you with a fixed price quotation and a clear set of deliverables.  In circumstances where a fixed price is not feasible I will break the project into phases and provide a fixed price for the initial phase.

Check out testimonials from a sample of previous clients.