You have reached the website of Patrick Divilly.

I have over 40 years broad-based experience in every sector of the information technology (IT) industry.

I have particularly rich and deep experience in business-to-business marketing and strategic business planning and implementation for technology based products and services.

I focus exclusively on the IT and eBusiness sectors and combine in-depth B2B marketing expertise with a clear understanding of the technology and a generous helping of common sense business acumen.

I have developed and run a successful e-commerce online business The Business Tools Store, which provides me with the incentive and a hands-on opportunity to deploy the leading digital marketing and online e-commerce techniques.

I provide a range of services, locally and globally, from mentoring and advising to one-off or retainer consultancy services.

If you feel I may be able to contribute to your success in any way or if you would just like to explore some options, please contact me.